Family Office Services

Our Family Office service provides tailored support managing complex family units according to your unique needs and goals, and ensuring your legacy is secure.

What is a Family Office?

A family office is a family-owned organisation that manages a range of matters including overseeing private wealth and investments, succession, governance, administrative duties, and other family affairs. It is designed to facilitate and support ownership transitions, leadership transitions and successful wealth transitions between family members.


  • Privacy & Confidentiality of the assets, activities, tax and personal information of all family members.
  • Better risk management, governance and management structure opportunities.
  • Aligns focus and interests for all family members, advisors and related businesses so all decisions are made with family objectives in mind.
  • Centralises services and asset management.
  • Separates family assets from business and enterprise assets.
  • Potential for higher returns from investments.

Who needs a Family Office?

Family Office Services are often considered to be most helpful to very high net worth individuals and their families. However we believe that our services can be tailored to suit the needs and goals of families in a range of financial situations. We encourage you to speak to our team to find out if it’s something that would suit your needs.