Financial Health Check

Get a free one-hour meeting with our experienced team to discuss the financial health of your business or personal matters.

What to Expect:

We’ll ask you some questions ahead of time, so we have a foundation to work from on the day. You’ll let us know if you want a financial health check of your business, your personal finances, or both.

Then, one of our experts will sit down with you for an initial one-hour meeting, talk in depth about your finances, and assess where everything is at.

We recommend you be honest, and as open as possible. Some people find it difficult to talk about their finances, particularly if things haven’t been going well. Keep in mind that the more you share, the more we can direct the right help your way. Talk about your concerns, your goals and areas that you believe you can improve on.

Similar to the doctor, you might be referred on to a “specialist” after a financial health check. We have a big alliance of professionals such as financial planners, brokers and business coaches who we can call on if you need some extra help. We’ll walk you through that process and be on hand to facilitate between you and other advisors.

Benefits of a Financial Health Check:  

  • Set clear goals by showing your current financial position against where you would like to be.
  • Map out a clear strategy and actionable steps towards those goals.
  • You get an accountability partner. You’re far more likely to succeed with your goals or stick to a new habit if you know we’re following up on your progress.
  • Accurately track your financial position. This makes it easier when/if you apply for a loan as you’ll be a more attractive prospect to lenders.
  • It’s a preventative tool as well! Can highlight problems you didn’t know existed, or show where problems could arise in the future if nothing is changed. 
  • Once problem areas are identified and addressed, the money saved can then be used to build wealth and secure cash for the future.  


To begin, fill in the form below so we can find out a bit more about you and your financial goals. Once submitted, our team will be in touch with you!

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