Who We Are

It’s essential to have an experienced advisory team who can deliver on your goals.

Our mission at Aintree Group is to provide quality support and expert advice in all areas of your life. A key component of executing that mission is having dedicated in-house wealth management and finance teams that you can turn to for specialised advice when you need it.

Additionally, our Wealth & Finance Teams can call on experts from Aintree Group Legal and Aintree Group Chartered Accountants, to provide a holistic approach to financial advisory and maximise the outcomes for our clients. 

Meet our Wealth & Finance team!

James Stephen - Aintree Group Wealth

James Stephen

Director – Aintree Group Wealth

James Stephen is a plugged-in, hands-on financial planner, with over 20 years experience working in the financial advice industry. As the Director of Aintree Group Wealth, he oversees the Wealth and Finance business units of Camberwell-based advisory firm, Aintree Group.

James specialises in working with entrepreneurs and small business owners and advising them exactly the way he would want to be advised himself – no products to sell, just focusing on the growth and protection of their business and personal wealth. He understands small business owners have to make a significant investment in their business, both personally and financially, and one of his core goals is to help them ensure this investment pays off for them and their family.

He also takes a lot of pride in being able to support hard working people by setting them up for a well-earned retirement, and give them peace of mind by showing them how they can achieve and maintain financial security in their golden years. 

Outside of work, James’s life revolves around his family, and he spends his spare time championing his children in their many different sports and endeavours.

Get in touch to find out how James can help you future-proof your business and your finances.

Simone Humphrey

Simone Humphrey

Wealth Operations Manager – Aintree Group Wealth

Simone oversees the everyday operations of Aintree Group Wealth including internal processes, administration and software management. She is the first point of contact for the Wealth business unit and manages client meetings and communication for the Director, James Stephen.

On weekends Simone enjoys watching and playing sports (specifically netball and footy), catching up with friends, and reading.

Tony Hamann

Finance & Lending Manager – Aintree Group Finance

Tony joined our team in 2023 as part of the launch of our newest business unit, Aintree Group Finance. He has 23 years of experience working in the financial services industry, including in banking, finance and mortgage broking.

Tony is skilled in negotiation, commercial lending, banking, credit analysis, and commercial banking. He is also a qualified Audio Engineer.

In his spare time, Tony loves woodworking, music, going on long walks with his two dogs and hosting dinner parties at home.

If you’re looking for flexible financial support or investment advice, get in touch with our wonderful team today.